Lecture Series Science Visualization

During the spring semester of 2010, in order to expand the possible fields of application of Science Visualization, Professor Alfred Vendl,until September 2014 Head of Technical Chemistry and the Institute of Art and Technology at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, invited international guests from various disciplines.

Ken Perlin, a Professor of Computer Science teaches at the “Media Research Lab” at New York University. Furthermore he is Head of “Vision Learning Graphics” at the “Games for Learning Institute” at NYU. In his lecture he talked about his programming experiments and the meaning of “Perlin noise” for the reality effect of virtual characters.

Carl Djessari, author and Chemistry Professor at Stanford University, reported on how the chemical invention of the birth control pill can be depicted as dramatization for a popular scientific approach.

Bahman Kalantari explained how art, mathematics and computer science can merge in “polynomiographic” representations. Due to polynomiography software, formulas can be converted into fractal images, conversely, however, images cannot be converted into formulas.

Oron Catts is Artistic Director of the “SymbioticA – Art & Science Collaborative Research Laboratory” at the University of Western Australia, and presented an interference of cell growth and tissue complexes from the perpectice of Fine Arts.

Poster Mikrobiologie